Before we getting going there is a certain amount of gear you will need. Some basic household items and some optional advanced gear. See the gear recommendations below.

Camera Gear

Water Drop Systems


  • Hi Adam,

    A few things. First, I really appreciate what you’re doing with the value for value set up here. I hope this is the future for this type of on-line learning. I went through the water drop videos and learned a lot. As a result I will be making a donation for this and will be looking at your other videos as well with an eye to becoming a regular contributor. There certainly is value for me.

    Finally, I have a question about the SplashArt set up. I like the simplicity of this as well as the price. My problem is that I shoot Sony and it looks like the set up is for Canon and Nikon. Do you know if this would actually work with Sony or should I look for another set up (any recommendation would be appreciated)? I tried to contact Joe Dyer through the ebay store as well as his email and haven’t heard anything, so any help you can be is appreciated.

    gary bennett.

    • Hi Gary. Yes i know in the past that Joe is not the quickest to respond. It was also the case that it only worked with Canon and Nikon. I am not actually sure these days. I have also used the MIOPS system which definitely works with Sony.

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