Are you tired of taking the same old boring photographs? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut? Join me on a landscape photography adventure to the coast where I’ll be capturing stunning long exposure photos in moody conditions.

In this video blog post Adam talks about the difficulties of finding originality in photography. He visits a beautiful coastline and captures some long exposure photographs. Adam states that originality in photography is not always straightforward and is a much deeper question than it may appear on the surface. Can the story behind the image or different weather conditions make an image original? Adam suggests that to be different, one must first learn to imitate and integrate, as we cannot jump straight to innovation. He advises not to worry too much about getting original images and to enjoy the process of creating work.

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Long Exposure Photography

Adam uses a 10 stop ND filter to capture the moody atmosphere of the coastline. He explains that using an aperture of f11 ISO 100 gives him an exposure time of 20 seconds, which is perfect for the conditions and creates a beautiful ethereal image. Adam believes that long exposure helps in the composition of the image, creating a leading line into the scene from the frothy waves that are washing in. He enjoys photographing the seascape and has fun taking photographs, not worrying too much about getting original images.

Adam also talks about how the pursuit of originality can become a purity test, leading to debates online that become a race to the bottom. He advises against comparing oneself to others as it only leads to disappointment. He concludes by encouraging photographers to enjoy the process of creating work and not to worry too much about being unique, because when you work hard, the original photograph will eventually come.

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