Adam heads to a stunning coastline in torrential rain to do something that should not be possible: long exposure photography. The results may surprise even a seasoned photographer.

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Adam braves the typically dreary UK summer weather to capture the beauty of the coastline through photography. Despite the challenges posed by the constant rain and the need to protect his non-waterproof camera, he embarks on a journey down a cliff path to a deserted beach.

With the advantage of having the beach to himself, Adam highlights the benefit of shooting in overcast conditions. This kind of weather provides the opportunity for photography at any time of the day, not being limited to capturing just the golden hours of sunrise or sunset.

Positioning himself on a rock, Adam captures his first shot. It features moss-covered rocks, an incoming tide, and distant cliffs. The long exposure technique lends a dramatic and smooth touch to the image. He battles the elements to ensure his camera lens remains as free of raindrops as possible, aiming to produce a clean and clear image.

Attempting a different technique, Adam points the lens into the rain for his second shot. The hope is to produce a soft effect on the image, but then also presents challenges as the raindrops distort and spoil the photo. The result, however after creating a make shift shelter for the camera, is a captivating image with detailed clouds and distinct rock formations.

Adam reflects on his previous experiences, recounting a time he visited the famous Durdle Door in Dorset. Despite the challenging weather, the moment the rain cleared was memorable, providing him with a unique opportunity to photograph the location without crowds.

Closing his trip, Adam takes his final shot, focusing on a rock with green moss amidst the incoming tide. This image, with its blend of static and moving elements, exudes a comforting and ethereal feel. Despite his initial reservations about the weather, Adam’s venture turned out to be rewarding. The trip rekindled his passion for landscape photography, encouraging viewers to embrace unexpected moments in their pursuits.

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