Today’s adventure in the mountains didn’t start as planned. I had meticulously mapped out my route, only to realize I’d forgotten to transfer it to my phone and had no signal to download it. Undeterred, I embarked on my journey relying solely on memory in what promised to be an adventure, one way or another.

Unexpected Turns and Wildlife Encounters

My initial path came to an abrupt halt at a stone wall, forcing me to make my own way up the hill. Despite the navigational challenges, the surroundings were stunning, with the light offering potential for some great shots. My climb was rewarded with a wildlife encounter, a herd of red deer, which exposed my limited wildlife photography skills. Eventually, I found a small tree clinging to life on the hillside. Despite its frail appearance, it stood resilient with a few leaves hanging on. The scene, backlit by the sun, was well worth capturing.

A Challenging Climb and Spectacular Views

The climb grew tougher, but the reward was breathtaking. The view from the top was incredible, with shafts of light creating a spectacular display. After setting up my camera, I experimented with different compositions, focusing on details and interesting shapes with a longer lens. Despite the cold, the experience was exhilarating.

Capturing the Perfect Sunset

As the sun began to set, I set up for the perfect shot. Although the clear skies presented fewer clouds than I hoped, the light remained fantastic. I positioned my camera to capture the warm evening light on the landscape. With the sun in the scene, controlling lens flare was crucial. Shooting at f/16, I aimed for a nice starburst effect, using my thumb to block out the sun to combine the images later in post.

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Reflections on Photography and Community

While waiting for the sunset, I reflected on my recent break from posting videos. Despite feeling a duty to share content, I appreciated the break and the opportunity to engage in other photography-related activities, like giving talks for Canon and at Cambrian Cameras in Colwyn Bay. Hearing from fellow photographers, who use landscape photography to overcome personal challenge,s has been particularly inspiring. It reminds me of the powerful connection and support within the photography community and the healing powers of nature.

Wrapping Up the Adventure

As the sun dipped behind the mountain, the light was just right, creating a beautiful end to the day. Despite the technical challenges and physical effort, the experience was rewarding. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Your support and comments make it all worthwhile. Here’s to more adventures and beautiful captures in the future.

Check out the image from today’s adventure and share your thoughts in the comments. See you on the hill.

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