What is Value for Value?

Value-for-value is a simple idea. Videos, entertainment and information is provided free of charge with no ads, no algorithms, no middleman and no subscription based paywall.

If the content was valuable to you, then you are encouraged to give value back in return.

Some give £2, some give £5.99 each month. Some give £100 or more, it’s completely up to you and your support means the world.

Join the Production Team

By donating you become part of the creative process.

  • Leave an optional message that could be read out in a video
  • Request subjects for new tutorials
  • Donating over £100 you receive producer credits for a month.
  • Donations over £500 receive Executive Producer credits for a year.

Buy a Physical Product

Alternatively you can support me by buying a book or a print to adorn your wall.

Give your Time

If now is not the right moment to part with your hard earned pennies, why not instead contribute a little of your time by sharing an article on social media. Don’t forget to tag me in and say hi.

Find Out More

Value-for-value may sound strange but it is a solution to the problems with how digital information and content is distributed online. Rather than having the compromising influence of advertisers, algorithms, corporations or subscriptions; it is a sustainable peer-to-peer system where everyone wins and information remains unrestricted.

Thanks Again!

Thanks again for the support. Your interest in my work means the world.

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