In this video we look at how to prepare and export your images for print.

We recommend for all your online printing as seen in the video. You can get 50% off your first purchase using the offer code – P707YYR.


  • Thanks for this advice Adam, I’ve just sent my first couple of images off to Loxley for print, wish I’d watched your video before I did that! Never mind, every day a school day as they say.

  • Thanks Adam
    Really detailed and helpful in your explanation. There is a lot more to printing than one would think as an amateur/enthusiast. Just improving my Lightroom/photoshop knowledge and post atm, with a view to printing some images, so this is very helpful indeed.
    I will definitely watch this a few times, as well as your other tutorials.
    BTW, just watched your YT vid entitled ‘the cutting edge of landscape’ and really enjoyed it overall and particularly the drone cinematography flying around you with the tree in the background, capturing the lovely warm light! 👌📸👍
    Keep up the great work and getting out there ! Best regards AL

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