Presets Pack


Get all the presets for one price and download immediately. These impressive presets are for Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC. They provide a different take on your images and can produce dramatic and striking results in no time at all. Presets will work straight out the box but will often require tweaks in exposure, contrast and several other settings.


Sunset Rocks


Sitting out in nature, waiting for the sun to set, with a camera in the perfect position is what landscape photographers dream of. This preset is designed to make those warm sunset colours pop and bring out the detail in rocks. Ideally suited to seascape images. Obviously perfect for sunrises too!


Mono to the Max

This preset is not for the feint hearted. Designed to give your black and white images the biggest punch possible this preset will create work that demands attention. Mono to the Max is perfect for cityscape photography, seascapes and misty mountains and will result in an image full of drama.



Woodland Fantasy


Fantasy stories and magical woods go hand in hand. Having grown up on the edge of a large wood, being amongst the trees has always been close to my heart. This preset is designed for woodlands in the Spring/Summer where the sky is not in the image and will aggressively remove greens.


Midday Mountains

This is an extremely versatile preset. Midday mountains will soften the blues, fade the blacks and turn the greens to a warmer orange to make a much more engaging image. Perfect for your midday mountain hike but also ideal in the city with impressive structures and skyscrapers.



Overcast Coast


Some of my favourite visits to the beach are on days when it is overcast and cold, often because we’ll have the whole place to ourselves. Many photographers will avoid these situations because the raw images we capture can look very grey. This preset will take those flat images and bring them back to life to match the drama we felt at the scene.


Bad Weather

The sought after Bad Weather preset provides an excitingly dramatic and moody atmosphere to your images invoking a powerful feeling in the viewer. It is ideally suited to images taken on overcast days, with flat light where there is still some definition in the clouds. If it’s raining……all the better.




The cinematic preset gives your images the look and feel of the movies. The green tinge works exceptionally well in conditions with blue skies and scattered clouds. The ‘colour graded’ look works well when applied to a series of images to help them work together in a portfolio.

Into the Blue

This preset is slightly more subtle and can be used over a variety of images to give your pictures a beautiful blue tone. It is particularly useful for photographs that contain a lot of whites or highlights where there is not much naturally occurring colour. Snow, overcast days, fog, or bright white cloud will respond well.