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Illumination is no ordinary photo book. After 14 years in the police witnessing national tragedy and horrific acts of violence, this is the story of how one aspiring landscape photographer risked it all to go in pursuit of a dream.

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Adam has created this book as a labour of love to share some of the stories, moments and life philosophies he forged, whilst observing the full spectrum of human behaviour, as he policed the streets of London for over a decade. The words are accompanied by a carefully curated collection of landscape photographs that serve as the visual representation of the thoughts and feelings contained within the pages.

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Standard Edition


Size: 305mm x 230mm

There is not really anything standard about this book. Bound in a black Wibalin hardback case, the book has a white foil title that ‘illuminates’ the darkness and provides some insight to the content contained within. Produced using the highest quality litho printing, this provides the book with a premium feel and perfectly reproduces the artwork to colour accurate perfection. The book is also constructed using premium materials and is section sewn which allows the book to be opened flat without causing damage to the spine. Ideal for the two-page spread panoramic images.

Illumination contains 128 internal pages printed on beautiful 170gsm silk paper.

Collectors Edition

Please note the Collectors’ Edition will begin shipping in the next few weeks due to a delay in materials being received by the printer from Italy.

The Collectors’ Edition of Illumination is limited to just one hundred copies. This beautiful book has an almost unbelievable quality and holds genuine, collectable and rare value.

Bound in a hardback charcoal Nupura case, this provides the book with a natural feel that is almost warm to the touch. With a subtly embossed white foil title, section sewn construction and produced using the highest quality litho printing, this is a book without compromise.

What They Are Saying About Illumination


“Adam’s book has captivated me, it’s wonderful”

— Mali Davies

“The book has arrived! It’s glorious and the images look incredible. The print is high quality and it feels very premium. Well done, it’s clear to see that a huge effort has gone into creating this.”

— LM – North Yorkshire

“The matter of fact conveyance of bloody difficult stories is the perfect way to deliver them and throughout the whole thing you very astutely stay in the light without getting sucked into the dark. And most importantly, I really want to get out into the mountains now.

Well done, it’s a triumph.”

— Matt – Abergavenny

“What a truly huge ACHIEVEMENT!!
It is very striking from the first to the last page and this must be an absolute first for a book of this nature to carry such remarkable and often harrowing text to go alongside the emotionally moving landscape photographs!”

— Charlie Waite

“Browsing my new artwork. Genuinely beautiful. Bravo.”

— Sam – Redcar

“Illumination had me from the first chapter!!”

— Kate – Essex